Why it's time

  • Building our community
  • Engaging in new thinking
  • Promoting participation
  • IT’S TIME to work together

The initiative

Our wider Sky Hopper initiative is building up a community of interest across the world of autonomous and robotic systems, advanced electric power and advanced materials.  What is needed now is to integrate these trends for an industrial purpose.

We have been gathering lists of aerospace enthusiasts and system specialists from across industry and manufacturing, getting them to sign-up to hear about our project.  Please also sign up now. We need your help.  Signing up costs nothing, it simply allows us to keep you informed about what we are doing, although we would of course love you to make a donation to help us. 

Please help us with our funding .. we are giving away some special rewards to thank you your help.

Our initial target to allow us to build our first flight demonstrator is £500,000


donations of



donations of



donations of


…will allow us to achieve that.
Join with us in our intent to “just do it!”. IT’S TIME


We have a rolling pledge campaign to harness the enthusiasm of our community to help us develop our demonstrators. Every early pledge adds to our crowd-funding success by showing that we have an eager community interested in what we are doing. 

Please also look at our “Engage with us” pages for a number of interesting and we hope enjoyable happenings for enthusiasts, plus other insights in ideas and communications for the specialists within our community. We hope our engagement programme will be rewarding both for those taking part and help us develop the framework of the wider commercial initiative.

Investment opportunities from the initiative

At a future date, the Sky Hopper initiative will open an EIS (enterprise investment scheme) to allow commercial participation as equity holders.  It is part of the purpose of the initiative stage to provide a closely analysed business case for Sky Hopper networks.  If you wish to contact us about investment opportunities please use the contact form here.