Pledging your investment

Releasing equity requires due diligence on our part and yours. You will want to be assured that we are professional in our business, and fully understand what our plans are for the next step.

It is important that we know you understand why we are developing our vehicle platform in the way we are. This is a complex multi-faceted (and fascinating) project.   After our initial work on our engineering and structures demonstration platform we are even more confident about what we are doing, but there is still some way to go.

We believe we have identified the risks, and we are very aware of the uncertainties; it is important to us that as an equity holder you too recognise and accept these.  Your funds could be lost – although we do not think they will.

It is also important that we keep any information we have about you confidential. Your first step is to contact us through the form on this web site.  We will then communicate with you in private.

Please click here to contact us and we will respond quickly to provide you with a comprehensive briefing


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