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We will be calling in pledges in tranches in line with our phased approach to design & build. Each call will therefore create real progress for our project and you will know that you are part of that.

Observer Status

Observer Status

Observers will be kept informed about what is happening within the Sky Hopper project on a regular basis.

You will also be able to keep up to date with technical innovations in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

You will benefit additionally from our upcoming donor rewards scheme to be announced shortly. So, donate now and become a signed up observer.

Pioneer Status

Pioneer Status

Pioneers will be invited to take part in our competitions with prizes and to share ideas and research results with us.

We are keen for pioneers to engage on the development of the operational mission capabilities of the Sky Hopper system.

Pioneers are also automatically enrolled in our donor rewards scheme. So, donate now and become a signed up member of the Sky Hopper Pioneer team.

Supporter Status

Supporter Status

Supporters become part of our network of innovation; engaged in boosting share understanding of autonomous systems.

We will engage through our engineering networking programme, including technical seminars, shared design and manufacturing papers and factory visits.

Supporters will also be invited to take part in our future Enterprise Investment Scheme fund-raising.

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