Networks and Missions

  • Flexibility across diverse missions
  • Network or special mission capable
  • Environmental monitoring and surveying
  • IT’S TIME to look outwards

Sky Hopper in flight

We have identified a range of different missions for Sky Hopper

Urgent cargo

A water pump breaks, a propeller bearing shatters, an incubator heater fails, a textile loom control circuit burns out; in small isolated communities these are serious events.  It can take days to obtain replacements.  Sky Hopper can deliver in hours.

Replenishment cycle cargo

Some logistics demand repeating drop-off delivery missions ;  a pipeline or powerline project, a response to famine or floods, re-supply of an exploration or scientific mission.  Working from a safe more easily supplied base, Sky Hopper can provide rapid re-supply along identified mission lines.

Mesh networks for isolated communities

Sky Hopper can be used to develop a mesh network of delivery routes to and from, and within, remote and separated communities in rural areas.  Where roads are poor and terrain is difficult an unmanned aerial delivery capability can offer a highly capable supply network. 

Environmental monitoring and surveying

Understanding our fauna and flora landscape, and our humanscape, is a major need across the developing world.  Animal conservation, crop assessment, scattered settlement surveys are all examples of tasks that Sky Hopper can carry out at economic cost.

As part of our initiative we will be holding discussions and competitions about the uses of Sky Hopper and its capabilities worldwide.

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