Direct Medical

DMS Plus offers a comprehensive range of Critical Care, IV Administration, Surgical and woundcare products to the veterinary profession.

DMS has an interest in companion animal and stock husbandry in isolated regions and the developing world.

They are concerned to enhance the provision of animal stock welfare within the constraints of improved conservation in free-ranging exotic species of both carnivores and herbivores.


Geodata Institute

GeoData specialises in environmental data management, analysis and processing.

Their mission is to provide integrated services for a sustainable environment and society.

They are engaged in multi-disciplinary projects emphasising science and survey with a strong basis in data handling and promotion of access to environmental and social information.


Here & There

With a focus on developing intelligent remote care support systems – with a special focus today on care of the isolated elderly – Here & There can see a future in which telematic systems are central in providing human services support for remote communities worldwide.

Follow up after data monitoring will require logistics providing materiel in support of human services. They believe Sky Hopper has great potential in this field .



A provider of survey and CAD/GIS services primarily to the oil, gas and mining industry in Indonesia.

They also provide specialist “trouble shooting” services across multiple sectors in construction and other field projects.

Sky Hopper can provide logistical support for toolsets and equipment consignment into remote and inaccessible areas.

We are keen to here from anyone who has an idea for a mission for Sky Hopper based on their experience in their field of work. 

Why not contact us with your suggestion.