Electric Workhorse

An Industrious servant

  • Industrial scale load carrier
  • Automatic cargo handling
  • VTOL capable, cruise efficient
  • IT’S TIME to be ambitious

Sky Hopper Image

Sky Hopper is an industrial size vehicle. We have set a goal of a 100Kg target load, 100km target range and 100 knots plus in cruise.

Our load mass is contained in a special underslung module that can drop off palleted cargo automatically, or detach itself entirely to leave a weatherproof supply station for collection.

Sky Hopper offers VTOL flight missions.  We believe we can capture a much wider range of commercial opportunities, especially in remote areas, through this capability.

Its rotating ducted fans offer a lower energy cruise mode to extend our range or on site dwell time for survey missions.

Our rear control fan offers high authority control for the transition from cruise to hover in pitch and yaw. At the same time it reduces the need for complexity in our main fan rotors. A key purpose of the design is to allow repeatable construction at economic cost.

Our battery pack is a key sub-system.  It is designed as a removable pack lying close to the centre of gravity. This enhances aerodynamic stability in pitch and yaw.

We have a programme of prototype design and manufacturing development underway funded by a rolling pledge programme.    Please offer a pledge and become a Sky Hopper observer, pioneer or supporter … IT’S TIME to join our community to be kept informed of progress as it happens.

Ducted-fan VTOL – two main drive fans – electric drive with ring wing configuration for cruise flight
Ring wing configuration allows lower energy cruise mode to extend mission capability.
Dual, embedded, gimballed control rear fan for high authority control in transition flight.
Underslung detachable, mission adaptable, cargo module.
1500mm vectored main propellers for lift and cruise efficiency at approx 3500 rpm.
Short body length for enhanced manoeuvrability during ground operations in constrained spaces.