28 October 2018 Outreach Editor

Sky Hopper® lands at MASTS in Glasgow

On 31st October we are taking Sky Hopper® to the annual conference of the Marine Association of Scientists and Technologists of Scotland.

This will be the platform’s first outing in public. We wanted this to be in the West of Scotland where our project is located.

The vehicle we are taking is our structures and engineering demonstrator which is now complete.  Our purpose is to speak to delegates about the role Sky Hopper® can play in their professional work.  Four hundred delegates are expected from organisations worldwide.

This is an exercise of market exploration, identifying demand and segmenting it into areas of need and interest.  We will report back here after the event.  We will also be making public the first pictures of our  vehicle.  Up until now we have had to retain confidentiality to preserve the technical details of the interior structure. Over the past weeks Sky Hopper® has been given a skin and is looking very much like the pictures you see on this web site.

The team, especially the senior technicians, Dave and Leon, are very excited to have reached this point.