21 September 2017 Outreach Editor

Sky Hopper and Relief Operations

As the islands of the Caribbean continue to do battle with horrendous weather and the damage it is causing to their communities, the Sky Hopper team have been analysing the role of UAVs in these events.

We have produced a new white paper examining the potential for using Sky Hopper as a rapid relief system.  In it we use the examples of Barbuda and Anguila to identify the parameters that would govern UAV use.

The results are interesting; it would be possible to produce a comprehensive survey of either of the islands within a day. The data from this would be imported into advanced information systems capable of administering the stratification and delivery of material supply across the islands.  With its 100Kg payload, Sky Hopper would be able to deliver thousands of kilograms of relief aid very rapidly.

A follow up exercise to bring essential infrastructure sub-assembly components into the field would have a similar beneficial effect. As so often with engineered systems, even slight damage to small parts can bring an electricity, water or phone system down.  Sky Hoppers tasked to specific locations with specific parts could, we believe, reduce repair times rapidly and set communities on a course back towards normality.

We are additionally convinced that the presence of multiple Sky Hoppers engaged in multiple missions in the sky would have a considerable morale boosting effect on local populations – supporting the efforts of the administrating authorities attempting to control and assure against anxiety or fear.

You can read the white paper here.  You are free to download it and disseminate it as you wish.